CMS Families, this is a message to let everyone know that there will be no more Saturday School for the rest of the school year. We appreciate you brining your students to Saturday School and hope they enjoyed it as well.
Familias de CMS, este es un mensaje para que todos sepan que no habrá más escuelas los sábados por el resto del año escolar. Apreciamos que haya traído a sus estudiantes a la Escuela de los Sábados y esperamos que ellos también la hayan disfrutado.


Students at CMS participate in state and district-mandated standardized assessments every year. As per Denver Public Schools’ policy on testing, “Assessments inform school and district personnel on where to improve curriculum, instruction and leadership in order to better serve your child and ensure that Every Child Succeeds.” While parents can choose to opt their children out of participating in these assessments, the data such testing supplies is valuable both to aid in improving your child’s individual success and the success of the school overall.

CMS participates yearly in the following assessments: CMAS, W-APT/ACCESS 2.0, DLM/CoAlt, READ Act Elementary, SLO, and TS Gold, GT. The largest assessments are defined below, with the grade levels and student clusters that participate in the testing.

CMAS, 3-5: The Colorado Measures of Academic Success, or CMAS, is the state summative assessment for language arts, math, science and social studies. CMAS is aligned to the state’s rigorous academic standards and designed to gauge how well students are mastering the standards and prepared for their next grade. All students in 3rd through 5th grades participate in mathematics and language arts. Students in 4th grade additionally take a social studies assessment, and 5th-grade studentsparticipate in science. English Learners have the option to take any assessment in their primary language, should their teachers decide it is most beneficial to their success.

ACCESS, K-5: ACCESS 2.0 is an annual summative assessment that assesses social and academic English language development in the areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It is a state-required assessment that meets the federal requirements for monitoring English Learners. All students in grades K-12 who have been identified as English learners are required to take the assessment. Kindergarten students are tested individually to ensure greatest success.

TS Gold: TS Gold is an ongoing, observation-based assessment for preschool and kindergarten students. It meets the state requirements of the early readiness assessment in accordance with Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids passed in 2008. TS Gold is used in all DPS early childhood education and kindergarten classrooms to assess students in both academic and developmental domains.