Welcome to CMS Community School

CMS Community School aims to maintain the highest social and academic standards for all of our students. In doing so, it is essential that we become an integrated community working together toward a common goal. As a school that values bilingualism and multiculturalism, we are creating a place where each of our students can foster their native language while developing additional skills in a second language.

That’s why we will begin rolling out a Two-Way Dual-Immersion Program for students at the start of the 2014-2015 school year. This changeover will continue over the next 4 years, and by the year 2018 all CMS students will be part of the program. Within this program, native English speakers and native Spanish speakers will be immersed in both languages. Students will learn in mixed-language groups to provide everyone the opportunity to learn from and support each other no matter what language they speak at home. By the time students leave CMS, they should be able to speak, read and write in both English and Spanish.

We are confident that the entire CMS community will benefit from this new model, based on the success we see in our school and other dual-language schools, what we know about the short-term and long-term benefits of dual-language programs and what we believe to be the best possible educational opportunity for all students.


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